Frequently Asked Questions

Once an order has been placed with LANMARX GRAPHIX, it is assumed that the customer has complete knowledge and will comply with every rule, regulation and policy contained in this section. No exceptions will be made for customers who have not read our policies and procedures prior to calling.

ARTWORK - The art staff at LANMARX GRAPHIX is here to make creating your T-Shirt design a fun and rewarding experience. There are no up-front charges for any design that you commission our art staff to create for you. The creation of your design is computed into the price of your shirts and/or favors. If, however, an order is cancelled or the buyer does not respond within two weeks of our notification that artwork was e-mailed or faxed, an art charge of $50.00 will be assessed to your organization. Please obtain the necessary approval(s) from your organization or faculty, or school before commissioning custom artwork!

- Orders are printed only after the artwork has been approved by the customer. If art approval is not given by the customer in time to meet the original delivery date, the customer will be given a new delivery date.

***Final approval of the artwork is the customer’s responsibility! Each order is printed based on the final approved version your design. LANMARX GRAPHIX is not responsible for typographical errors or any other errors that are discovered after the product is printed if the errors were contained in the final approved version of the design. Please proofread your artwork carefully.

- Once T-shirt or favor quantities have been called in, no changes can be made to the quantity or sizing of an order. No exceptions can be made. Please make sure all members are aware of this policy to avoid last-minute headaches from procrastinating members! **It is not a bad idea to order a few extra T-shirts to sell to those members who didn’t order in time if this does not violate your organization’s ordering policies.

- All orders will be shipped with a traceable carrier (primarily DHL & UPS). If you wish to retrieve the shipping information for your order, please give our office a call two days before it is due to arrive and we will provide tracking information.

- If, for whatever reason, an order must be cancelled after quantities and sizes have been called in, the customer will be billed a restocking charge of 15% -20%of the original invoice amount on all apparel and/or party favor orders. Additionally an art setup charge of $50.00 will be billed to your organization if the design has already been e-mailed or faxed for approval. Please make sure that all of the necessary approvals are given by your organization before placing an order.

- The minimum order quantity for T-shirts is 24 pieces except for the months of September, October, March and April, where, due to the volume of orders being processed, the minimum quantity is 36. The minimum order for most non-apparel items is 36 pieces.

- Payment arrangements must be made at the time quantities are submitted for an order. An order will not be placed on our production schedule until payment is guaranteed. If your organization will not issue a check until all funds are collected from individual members, it is the buyer’s responsibility to secure all funds prior to placing an order. If your organization pays through your school’s purchasing department (i.e. a purchase order must be issued), we must be given a contact person’s name and telephone number to arrange payment before your order can be placed on our production schedule. A personal or organizational credit card may be used to secure an order when a check will be mailed, but we will charge the credit card if the payment is not received in a timely manner.

When pooling an order with another organization or several different organizations, it is the buyer’s responsibility to facilitate payment. Please collect all monies prior to placing an order.
***If you have any questions about our payment terms, please ask us prior to placing your order. We will be happy to assist you!

- LANMARX GRAPHIX accepts Checks, Visa and MasterCard, American Express, money orders, cashier’s checks, personal or organizational checks. One personal check can be written to pay for an entire order but please DO NOT send multiple checks from individuals. A $35.00 fee will be assessed for any returned checks.

- The prices listed for promotional products and T-Shirts reflect a standard 7-10 business day turnaround time. If you need to receive your merchandise faster, please give us a call to check feasibility. If our production schedule permits a rush order we will be happy to assist you. Additional rush shipping charges may apply.

- In the event that we discover a shortage or manufacturer’s defect in one or more of your T-shirts, LANMARX GRAPHIX will replace it immediately in order to fill your order. If we make a substitution of two or more shirt sizes or colors, the customer will be informed by telephone ahead of time. All orders are counted three times by our quality control department to make sure that the sizing and count is accurate. LANMARX GRAPHIX cannot assume responsibility for a shortage if your package is left unattended after it has been opened. Please make sure that your delivery location is secure. In the extremely rare case that a shortage or defect still is discovered, LANMARX GRAPHIX will refund the difference to the customer promptly. It is not possible to reprint the missing or damaged shirt(s) once the order has been printed and shipped unless the situation meets the specifications for a re-order (see below).

- A reprint can be ordered after the original order has been shipped. The minimum quantity for a reprint is 24 pieces. Please call to get pricing info before collecting money from your members as the pricing for your reorder may be higher if your order quantities are lower than your initial order.

- underage and/or irresponsible consumption of alcohol, the use of controlled substances or lewdness- Please, DO NOT call LANMARX GRAPHIX to print such orders. If our staff considers a design or phrase to be of questionable taste, we reserve the right to refuse the order.

- By ordering custom imprinted merchandise for one’s organization, the customer represents that all of the materials which are used by the seller in the production of the items represented by Lanmarx Graphix (including, but not limited to school names, crests, logos, insignias or customized designs) will not cause the violation of any law, judicial decision, rule, regulation, ordinance, franchise or similar arrangements, informal or formal, oral or written relating to trademarks, copyrights, service marks etc.

The customer further represents that by commissioning the seller to perform labor, whether physical or intellectual, they have the full authority to purchase and to grant the rights to the seller to fabricate, manufacture, and to sell any design or product that is created.

The customer agrees to indemnify and hold the seller harmless from and against any fees, fines, penalties, damages, losses or assessments including attorney’s fees which may be incurred by the seller which may arise as a result of the seller processing any order commissioned by the customer. The depiction of any logo, name or design in our catalogs or web site is for demonstrative purposes only and does not imply that any such designs, logos, or names can be reproduced without proper authorization or permission.
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